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Everyone loves a Happy Tail and here are some fantastic ones to share!

Please enjoy and always remember to submit your happy tail story. Remember to add a photo to share with our fellow happy tail fan club!

Happy Tails Stories

Meet BooBoo FKA Ghost at the shelter. This guy hit the jackpot with his new mom. He even gained a neighbor furry sister named Lucy who practically lives on his front porch. Mom says BooBoo loves to lay on her bed, play with Lucy and take naps after a hard day. Mom also says BooBoo has brought her tremendous happiness and filled a void she had in her heart after losing her other doggie. It's a match made in heaven and remember Adoption = Love. 

Mr. Fernando got lucky the day he was adopted to be an emotional support dog for a college student. Mom says he walks her to and from her dorm. He loves her bed and he is always ready to kiss and snuggle on anyone they meet on campus. Fernando has mastered sit and shake and is learning more skills daily. Look at him!! 

Mr Knox lived at the shelter for a while. One day a guy who lives all the way in Houston Texas did a search for a Dutch Shepherd. Well Knox looked somewhat like one and it was part of his Shelter profile so up popped his photo. Fast forward and Knox’s new Dad drove all the way from Houston and adopted him. Dad said Knox use to hide in the car but now he is brave and wants to hang his head out the window. Knox loves the Dog Park and hiking the local trails with Dad. Dad is a huge Batman fan so naturally Knox gets Batman attire too. Knox has a doggy bff named Bob. As you can see Bob is a tad bigger than his lil buddy. The good news is Bob will be Knox’s roommate soon so he will have company all the time ! Just another example of what adoption can do. After all, Adoption = Love

Way back in February a sweet family lost their family kitty named Pooh Bear. They were very sad. They had another cat named Scooter who also missed his buddy. Fast forward to February 28th and a visit to the shelter to play with the kitties! Well, one very very lucky orange kitten caught their eye and they made the decision to adopt to help fill the void Pooh Bear left at their house. Meet Jack Junior. Now Jack loves to wrestle with Scooter and play with his new favorite plush mouse toy and carry it from place to place. He loves his human brothers , David and Lucas, his Dad and his Mom too. What a spoiled kitty and as always remember Adoption= Love 

Introducing Sam FKA Scooby at the shelter. This girl finally found her perfect Dad and he found her too all the way from Kentucky! Sam went home with a couple people before her real Dad found her but they just weren't the right fit. Look at this big girl all happy. Dad says she loves to play tag and hide and seek. Sam also loves long walks in the evening. Sam and her dad have bonded very close as you can see in their photo. 

This shy lil pup was FKA Spots at the shelter. As you can see in her shelter pic she was very nervous. Well , one day a sweet young couple began their search for a dog to add to their home. Something about Spots photo grabbed them. They came to the shelter for a meet and greet and well it was the perfect match. Mom said Spots is now known as Lucy and that she is the best girl! Mom and Dad both love her very much already! How's that for a happy ending? 

There once was this dog named Barney at the shelter. Barney was a lucky doggie the day he was taken to a community event by shelter staff. A vender at the event noticed the shelter was there with a few critters. She and her family had moved to Tn and had lots of space. They knew a third dog was in their future. Well she KNEW Barney was the one. He is now named Cubbie because that day the Chicago Cubs won the pennant. They live in Kentucky now where Cubs has lots of space . He is an awesome inside/outside dog and loves to protect his people. Nicely of course. He is with his sister PAN the cat in one photo. PAN was also adopted from our shelter. We love these happy endings and remember Adoption = Love 

Way back in January this cute lil puppy was surrendered to the shelter and she was the sweetest. About that same time a nice couple from Knoxville began a search for a new addition to their family and saw Diamond on our website. It was love at first sight and they made the drive to Lexington to adopt her. Fast forward and Diamond is now Georgia Diamond aka Georgia D. The first night home Georgia D. gathered her toys in her kennel with her and mom says she still loves her toys and kennel now. She is an energetic girl and loves to play fetch, tug of war, chase , hide and seek and especially frisbee! Georgia D enjoys her evening walks with her family and going to the pet store to pick out her new toy. She has grown a lot but still fancies herself a lap dog. I'm pretty sure that is just fine with her humans!! This was the perfect match and remember Adoption = Love!

Way back in March a little girl named PINK found her family and boy does she live life large! Pink is now called NALA which fits her perfectly. NALA has a brother named Hank that was also adopted. Boy do we love a family who chooses adoption! NALA loves to run and play with Hank, she loves chasing Squirrels and Birds that her Dad feeds and she loves laying in a lap! NALA still has her pink blanket from the Shelter and it's still her fave. Lucky girl and remember Adoption = Love!

 Mya .. This lil gal was brought to the shelter as a result of a drug bust where she and her siblings lived. What a lucky lucky day in her life! Shirley Brittain stepped in her life and adopted her. I got to see Mya at the shelter yesterday when her parents stopped by for a minute. Mom said Mya loves playing with her stuffed animals, chew sticks and playing with her furry brother Bandit!! Dad and Mya posed for me and I'd say they are both in love and remember Adoption = Love

Several months ago a gorgeous Dutch Shepard pup arrived at the shelter. She was so unique looking ! The staff named her Swee

t Pea. Well when her photos were posted it was like everybody wanted her. I think it was those big ears and stripes. She found her forever home quickly and is thriving. Her name is JUNO now and she has a furry dog and cat sibling to play with. She also has a lil boy she loves. This is a happy happy ending. 

And they call it Puppy Love! Meet

. Ruby was one of that cute Blue Heeler mix litter and boy did she get lucky. Mom said Ruby loves to nap, play with her tennis ball and most of all play with her BIG sister! She fits in perfectly and they are crazy about her! Don't you love the new name?

This gal has the best of both worlds now . She was surrendered to the shelter on a Tuesday and little did she or Cassidy Cagle know, but by Friday they were officially family. Cassidy is a volunteer at the shelter. She began volunteering the day after Ellie Mae was surrendered and it was an immediate connection. Just two days later it became a happy ending and the adoption was official. Ellie May has 5 furry siblings who all love her and she loves to visit the shelter and greet people while mom works hard as a volunteer. She definitely puts a smile on my face! 

Once upon a time there was a precious litter of Blue Heeler mix pups at the shelter. One of the lil boys was named Dimitri. Well he got lucky and found his home and has a fabulous new name..JOEY CLARK. How perfect! Mom says he is the perfect addition and loved by them and anyone who happens to meet him. He loves walks with the family and playing with his tennis ball. Joey Clark also loves to play rope, fetch and chewing on his antler and bone. He is just a perfect gentleman and always dressed for the occasion with his bow tie collar!! Talk about a match made in Heaven and remember Adoption = Love.

Oh about 7 months ago the Shelter had a litter of the cutest lil pups. One of the girls was Dutchess . She was adopted on Jan. 31 by her lucky humans and got a fabulous new name.. SADIE! Mom says Sadie is a constant source of LOVE and LAUGHTER and has become a regular boat dog! Sadie has a touch of sassy in her too mom says but that's just more fun! Happy ending for sure and remember Adoption = Love 

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