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Meet Jackson!

     Hello, my name is Jackson and I am a spirited pintsized lad that is sure to animate your day! I was found roadside and brought to the shelter when I was tiny and hungry. After a few months of awesome care here I have certainly flourished!  I am full of snuggles and enjoy oodles of playtime and am ready for my permanent playground! Is your home my new home? Please come visit me, stay awhile, play with me to see if we hit it off!

Shelter Immediate Needs

Pedigree Adult Dog Food
 Small & medium dog collars
3 or 5 gallon buckets w/Lids
Clumpable Cat Litter
13  & 45 Gallon Trash Bags
Lysol Antibacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner
(Or Similar-Used for mopping)

Which Breed Level are You?

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Chihuahua        ​​​Beagle       Labrador Retriever   Great Dane

Shelter News

          The shelters immediate needs this week is Pedigree Adult Dog Food, dog waste bags large 45 Gallon trash bags and 13 gallon trash bags.  We appreciate all of you that are so quick to fulfill our immediate needs to keep us going! We appreciate you!

This past week has been a heartbreaking one to say the least concerning Hurricane Harvey.  The aftermath it left to the State of Texas will be an ongoing effort of rebuilding.  During a devastating natural disaster such as this you really see the true kind and loving spirit of the human condition come to the forfront to assist our fellow brothers and sisters in need.

      The hardship is no different for the animals who who have incurred such a shock from the destruction. Many are facilitating rescues as well for the furry friends left homeless in the disaster areas. Numerous good samaritans and shelters across the country are stepping up to assist with the animal portion of the rescue and relief efforts in the flooded areas. Concerned people everywhere are helping with money, pet food, blankets, leashes and the guarantee of a safe refuge until Texas is back on its feet.

     With in a day, volunteers and friends of the shelter were able to round up some of their own supplies and food for the displaced pets of Texas and load it on a truck headed for Houston.       If you would like to help specifically in the displaced pet rescue efforts of Hurricane Harvey, there are many online sites to contribute to including the Houston Humane Society.

       May you all have a blessed week and remember that animals depend on us to be their voice. They can't ask for help, they can't ask for freedom, they can't ask for protection. We all must be their voice.

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