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Flocking season is here!

We have confirmed reports that flocks of flamingos will be landing in locations throughout Henderson County beginning April 1st! These two foot tall, pink plastic flamingos travel in flocks of 12 and love resting in beautiful yards and business fronts.

“Flock” your friends, family, even co-workers for a donation of $30!

                    Here is how it works:

• Place an order for a flock of flamingos to be sent out to the yard or business of your choice.

• Trained Flamingo Handlers will covertly flock the address you provide.

• The flock will roost for 2 days unless the Flockee requests an Early Unflocking for a $20 donation.

• You will remain anonymous until the Flockee Unmasks The Flocker for a $10 donation.

2019 Flock Shields are available for a $30 donation to repel flocks from your property.

Are you ready to get FLOCKING?

Don't Want to do an online form? No Problem!



Just print & fill out a flocking form and return it to the shelter located at:

 78 Mig Drive

Lexington, TN 38351

Our trained flamingo handlers are standing by for all your flocking needs.

Note:  Public property (ex: courthouse, parks) and apartment complexes have a Lifetime Flock Shield. Consult with FHHAS to ensure the address you plan to flock does not have a Flock Shield.

Limited to Henderson County


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to Flock someone?

A: $30 donation


Q: When will the flocking occur after an order is placed?

A: Flockings are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis. If a special date is requested (ex. birthday, anniversary), we will do our best to accommodate.


Q: Is there a constraint on where flocks can travel?

A: Yes, this is limited to Henderson County, Tennessee.­­­


Q: Will the Flockee (victim) know who the Flocker is?

A: The Flockee will have an opportunity to unmask the Flocker for a $10 donation.


Q: I’ve been flocked! How do I make them go away?

A: They will be removed 48-60 hours for free. Flockee’s may request an Early Unflocking for a $20 donation.


Q: When will they be removed if I order an Early Unflocking?

A: Take action the day they appear, and they will be removed the following day/24 hours after flocking begins.


Q: Is there a flamingo repellant?

A: Yes! We offer 2019 Flock Shields for $30. The Flock Shield protects against new flocking orders after the date of purchase. Get the Flock Shield ASAP to prevent against flockings. This does not defend against a flocking ordered prior to the purchase of the Flock Shield and already on our schedule.


Q:What is the contact info?

A:Phone: 731-249-9443



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