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I came to the shelter as a volunteer last August and fell in love with all the babies down there but there was this one crazy dog that stole my heart: Lex (AKA Wild Man Lex). He was the first I walked each Wednesday due to him being so hyper. He loved tennis balls and to run around as much as the leash would allow. I helped with the shelters Adoption Event at TSC last September where Lex was trying to find his forever home. He was so patient as people walked by and was always eager for attention and love. Lex has gotten that love and attention everyday because I adopted him and took him home with me. Lex grew up in the shelter and had never seen a TV, had a yard, or played with other dogs. His world changed and so did ours. He is a member of our family, one of the best dogs we have ever had and couldn't be happier.

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