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Way back in January this cute lil puppy was surrendered to the shelter and she was the sweetest. About that same time a nice couple from Knoxville began a search for a new addition to their family and saw Diamond on our website. It was love at first sight and they made the drive to Lexington to adopt her. Fast forward and Diamond is now Georgia Diamond aka Georgia D. The first night home Georgia D. gathered her toys in her kennel with her and mom says she still loves her toys and kennel now. She is an energetic girl and loves to play fetch, tug of war, chase , hide and seek and especially frisbee! Georgia D enjoys her evening walks with her family and going to the pet store to pick out her new toy. She has grown a lot but still fancies herself a lap dog. I'm pretty sure that is just fine with her humans!! This was the perfect match and remember Adoption = Love!

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