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Miss Priss


ll success stories are special but this one is very very special! Ms. Priss as she was known at the shelter lived there a whole year. She had a reputation that followed her like chasing chickens and cats. Those things worked against her. She also was heart worm positive but a nice person donated her treatment cost and she is heart worm free now. Fast forward a year exactly to the day she was surrendered and she gets adopted! Ms. Priss is now DIXIE which is the perfect name. She is an emotional support dog for her new Dad while he is in college. Dad says Dixie loves to play fetch , ride in the car, and meeting all kinds of new people on campus. While Dad is in class Dixie stays in the dorm with the radio playing because that's another thing she loves .. Radio. Dad says they play fetch everyday and Dixie has worked wonders for him. She is a blessing and loved by everyone and remember Adoption = Love

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